Getting my mind right

I’m aboard the struggle bus and I’m desperately trying to get off!
We’ve passed my stop! GET ME OFF OF HERE!

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Every run is a struggle. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s 3 miles or 12, inside or out, morning or evening… my legs are heavy, my breathing labored and my heart feels like it’s in a thousand little pieces. I used to love running. I used to look forward to it. I used to run at a much faster pace without feeling like I was going to drop dead. Didn’t I? Those memories seem so distant that I don’t remember.

I went into this training cycle thinking that I would have to let go of past marathon experiences, past paces and times, and focus on the present. Focus on finishing.

Even that seems nearly impossible after this weekend’s terrible 12-miler. I cried at mile 4 and thought, “How will I ever complete another marathon?”

In addition to the running, I’m struggling with keeping my eating in check and losing weight. All of these things go hand-in-hand.

I’ve started incorporating more weight training into my schedule, in hopes that it would make me a stronger runner, tone up a bit and keep me injury free for Grandma’s Marathon in June. I am not totally sure what all I should be doing and have relied on Pinterest workouts  to get me through. This week, however, I had my first workout with a trainer. It was a test run. I officially start next week. I’m hoping that she can help me accomplish my goals and help me be more accountable. She’s a marathon runner too, so she gets me.

All of this comes down to my own mindset. Why am I such a Negative Nancy lately? Or Defeated DeEtta?

Today that changes. I’ve been following the T-Rex Runner’s blog and she’s been killing her races after coming back from injury. She’s also been focusing on the mindset piece and finding her mantra during each race. I’ve started listening to running podcasts on the way home just to get myself motivated to put my shoes on and get outside. The podcasts are working and I’m going to try out a new mantra on tonight’s run outside (because it’s beautiful)!

Stay tuned. My bus stop is near. Changes are coming.




2 thoughts on “Getting my mind right

  1. Val says:

    The DeEtta I know, does NOT give up. Stay positive. Stay focused. Take the time you need to prep (food, water, everything you need to make the run go more smoothly). In short, every runner has bad days. I did yesterday. I couldn’t even run 3 miles. I had zero energy and the high winds didn’t make that any easier. I thought back at what I had eaten during the day. I hadn’t. That’s a HUGE factor. I had a very light lunch (cauliflower). That is not at all enough to carry my muscles through the run. I had to walk about half way through. I know better than this, but nonetheless, I didn’t prep like I needed to in order to have a successful run. Instead of get discouraged with my “running”, I tell myself that was more of a lack of preparation on my part, and THAT is something I can easily fix by eating more next time. Hang in there. I believe in you!

    • Thanks, Val! You’re totally right- prep makes a HUGE difference and probably something I can approve upon. You mean those Girl Scout cookies aren’t fueling my run?!? LOL! Reflecting on a run and the WHY is awesome. GO you! That half marathon is coming! I’m proud that you’re part of my tribe!

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