Run long & drink more beer

Sometimes you just need a cold one after a long run. While I was training for my first marathon last summer in the sweltering heat, a beer was the only thing that sounded good. In fact, this happened while training for my first half in April:

beer shower

And by the number of “likes” and positive comments, apparently I’m not the only one who enjoys a beer in the shower. In fact, I recently met up with a friend who I had met on Facebook through our former employers. We had never met in person but decided to get together for frozen yogurt since we are now living in the same city. One of my favorite comments from her was, “I knew we could be friends when I saw on Facebook that you drank a beer in the shower after running.”

All of this leads me to my newest purchase, which arrived last night.


I ordered this ¾ sleeve baseball tee from Run Pretty Far.

drink beer on

I mean really, is there anything better than this?! The fit is great and it’s sooooooo soft! I recommend you check out their other merchandise including their other baseball tees– “Run long & eat more cupcakes” or “Run long & drink more wine.” I can’t wait to wear my new shirt this weekend!


Review: Brooks Utopia Thermal

Recently, I was looking for the perfect night gear jacket to run in for the evenings. Ideal I wanted something with lots of reflectors but then I came across the Brooks Utopia Thermal ½ Zip in Bright Pink and Nightlife. Reflectors on this pull-over are limited but it sure is bright! I decided to give it a try, as I could use something a little heavier this winter so that I don’t have to wear 3-4 layers AND it was on sale!

brooksThis jacket is perfect for 30-40 degrees and below. I’ve worn it with a t-shirt or a tank top under and have been comfortable. I’ve also worn it with just a sports bra underneath but that doesn’t give me the option to peel layers off if I get too warm. (Note: I’m not one of those girls who runs in a sports bra–nor will I ever be.)

One of the features I really like about this pull-over (besides the bright colors) is the two back pockets. They are large enough to 20130205_180941carry my keys, phone and iPod so that I don’t have to wear my running belt that I’m constantly trying to adjust. On longer runs I can shove my keys and my ShotBloks in the pockets and be good to go.

I’ve worn the Brooks thermal to the gym a few times and can never get out of there without someone complimenting me. That’s always a good start or finish to my day! The only thing I don’t love are the thumbholes. They are too small or not the right shape or something. They just aren’t comfortable, so I don’t use them.

This is definitely one of favorite running gear pieces that I plan to wear also when lounging or heading to the grocery store!